Wedding make-up tips & treatments > How to apply false eyelashes


1) Try original length of the lashes before applying or trimming them. Bring lash to eyelid as close to your natural lash line as possible, starting from outer corner.

2) If the lash is too wide for your eyes, snip off a few hairs on one end and test it again. Repeat this until the width suits you and trim the other pair to match. If the lash is too long, trim the length by pointing the end of the scissors into the tips of the lash and snip into the lash. Do not cut across in one swoop to achieve a more natural uneven result.

3) Apply a thin coat of lash adhesive along lash band. If necessary, use a tooth pick or the end of tweezers to even out the adhesive.

4) Wait for a few seconds until glue becomes tacky. Looking down into the mirror, place the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible along its length. Adjust using finger tips or tweezers while glue is still pliable to your satisfactory result.

5) Let the glue dry and test the lashes out by lightly pressing them upward with your finger. When they are completely dry, blend your natural lashes into them using your fingers, an eyelash or eyebrow brush or an eyelash curler or by applying a thin coat of mascara.