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Well hi everyone. Great to see you! Having not worked since March 2020 due to COVID 19 I then re-started in August and was really busy creating until November 2020 when I had to stop again. Offering both existing and new Clients a range of my hair treatments cuts, colours, highlights, balliage tinting, perming, threading for ladies, gents and children. I wore a protective mask and a visor and my clients wore a mask, generally we did treatments in the garden and it worked amazingly! I used barbacide to steralise my brushes, combs and scissors keep spotless with my products and brushes too.

I am so looking forward to starting again when Boris says it is safe to and creating all beautiful styles and seeing my wonderful clients again! In the meantime, please head over to my shop where I am selling beautiful easy to fit hair pieces! Click here Shop

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Speak soon I hope!

Gillian xx