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Eyebrow/facial threading

Eyebrow/Facial Threading

Proven to be an effective alternative to common methods such as plucking and waxing, threading is fast becoming the preferred choice for hair removal in the West.
A simple and relatively pain free technique, threading lends clean lines and shape to the eyebrows and removes unwanted facial hair.

As mentioned, threading hair has been used in India for many years now and it basically involves the use of a cotton thread and a practitioner. It is usually never done without a practitioner as it does require experience.

How do I shape my eyebrows?

1. Looking into a mirror, imagine a vertical line extending up from the outside of your nose and the inside of your eye. This indicates where your brow should naturally begin; mark it with a brow pencil.
2. To find the most flattering natural arch for your brows, hold your pencil in front of your face, extending from the outside of your nose through the edge of your iris. Wherever the line intersects with your brow is where your arch should be the highest; mark it with your pencil.
3. Now line up your pencil in front of your face from the edge of your nose to the outer end of your eye. Mark this as where the end of your brow should be.
4. Determine thickness, considering your own personal preference and facial features. Prominent, thicker brows generally best complement strong features (think Brooke Shields and Camilla Belle), whereas delicate feminine features often look nice with thinner brows (look to brow beauties like Charlize Theron for inspiration).
5. Finally, adapt your arch to your face shape. The width of a round face is beautifully offset by higher arches, which thin the face out and create a more vertical line. If your face is more of an oval, you'll want to do the opposite: keep brows flatter and less arched, minimizing your face’s length. And for square faces, look to round your eyebrows, which will offset harsh angles. One thing to avoid with any face shape is the "botox brow", which looks artificially high and over arched.

Eyebrow threading - Advantages and Disadvantages

Compared to other methods the results last longer than they do if you were waxing or plucking. It is something you should definitely consider, at least once in your life to get great results!

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