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As an experienced Makeup Artist who specialises in Weddings, film, TV, Catwalks and all occasions, I have decided to provide to my clients products which I find are absolutely fantastic in enhancing your look. Do take a look - here are some of them and scroll down!
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Art Deco Illuminating Fluid

This ultra-light, shimmering, illuminating fluid has been developed to bestow a new youthful glow to skin. It is ideal for modelling and perfecting the skin. Thanks to its ultra-liquid formulation, it glides weightlessly onto the skin and leaves a smooth, fine shimmer. The Illuminating Fluid can also be mixed with a moisturizer, foundation or body lotion to enhance the natural tone of the skin, therefore giving more radiance. It contains nurturing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

Suitable for all skin tones.


Skin Perfecting Makeup Base

Ever wondered how you get a smooth look to your foundation, well here is the trick. This fabulous primer comes as a delicately textured ultra light silk gel primer which is mattifying. Apply this to the skin after your moisturiser before using a concealer or foundation. It is light in texture, looks like a silicone (although is not) based primer but this one is oil free and free of parabens and silicon. It fills in the lines and fine wrinkles and gives a truly smooth very youthful look. Contains vitamin E and a special mineral complex to nourish the skin and protect it from free radicals. This is suitable for all skin types and all ages.



Lash Growth Activator - Night Repair Balm

An eyelash treatment gel to strengthen and lengthen your lashes. Features a bioenergiser and keratin coated peptides. This product is fragrance free and free of lanolin and mineral oils. It should be applied at night after removing your makeup. It stimulates lash growth by 200% whilst nourishing and strengthening the lashes. It needs a good 6 weeks but I have seen amazing results especially for people with weak lashes or too many eyelash extensions.


Lash booster volumising mascara base

Never satisfied with any mascara? Well here is the secret. This mascara base boosts the performance of your mascara. Think of it as a primer. Apply a few coats before your regular mascara leaving it to dry between coats. Then apply your mascara afterwards and look at the difference. I suggest using my all in one mascara which I sell on here to get the optimum length and fab lashes.

Key benefits: Makes one coat of mascara look like four coats. It nourishes, moisturises and strengthens the lashes.


All-in-One Mascara

This is a fantastic mascara, a combination of two brushes in one containing a rich, creamy bulk to give length volume and curl. Lots of makeup artists use this. Apply it directly to the lashes after using LASH BOOSTER (which you can buy on this page). This mascara curls, lengthens, volumises and is long lasting. Contains Carnauba wax which nourishes lashes.

9.50 each

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High Precision Liquid Liner

A fantastic easy to use liquid liner. The fine tip made out of fine nylon fibers drawn together into a flexible tip enables you to draw the finest line on your eyelids and great for making flicks to enhance your eye. You apply along the lash-line as desired. This liquid eyeliner is long-lasting with a wet look finish. Easy to use and doesn't smudge.

16.50 each

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Eyebrow Colour Pen

A liquid liner with a felt tip for the eyebrows. This soft gentle pen can be used to fill in sparse areas and gently draw in little hair like strokes to give a natural beautiful look. It is long-lasting and precise and buildable. The light colour is good for fair skins, redheads and light brown hair, the dark colour is for dark browns and can be used on black eyebrows too.

6.75 each

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Hot Chili lip booster - to plump up your lips

This is a lip plumper with hot chili extract and fine glitter particles leaving a shiny full sparkling finish. It should be applied directly to your lips with the wand. Apply to your lips, feel a little tingle for 30 seconds and then re-apply a generous coat. Immediate visible effect, lips are bigger, rosier and shiny. Do not use if you have chapped lips.


Glam Stars Lip Gloss - 199.05

The Glam Stars Lip Gloss places sparkling accents on the lips. Fine glitter particles create a glamorous effect. The lips shine in the wet look and appear fuller. Individual looks can be created in combination with a lipstick. Suitable for all skin tones.


Glossy lip finish - clear

A clear lip gloss with a high shine. Apply on bar lips with the integrated applicator. This gives a beautiful wet look for a minimalist makeup or glosses up your favourite lipsticks without changing their colour. A must have for every girl in their makeup bag. Long lasting.


Magic Fix

After applying your lipstick dab off any excess with a tissue and apply Magic Fix all over with the integrated brushy. Wait for it to dry then moisten your lips with your tongue. For creamier lipsticks, repeat the procedure. Clean the brush before putting it back into the bottle. This fantastic product makes lipstick smearproof, waterproof and kiss proof! Works with any brand. Contains essential oils, bergamot and lavender and is alcohol based. Leaves a transparent finish. A must have for all ladies.