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Real Human Hair Extensions either clip-in or micro loop permanent hair extensions - London, Surrey and the Home Counties

Real human hair extensions will move and feel like your own. You can curl them, straighten them and tong them as you would your own natural hair. They are a wonderful way to add length, volume and body and are the finest way to totally transform your hairstyle in a very natural way. No-one would ever know it isnít your own! Fabulous - what could be better!

Gillian Katz is an expert in their application and covers London, Surrey, Guildford and the Home Counties.


Having been a professional hairdresser for many years, Gillian has found an application technique which doesnít damage your natural hair at all. She uses the micro ring technique which doesnít involve glue, sewing or any kind of braiding. Over the years Gillian has seen clients of all nationalities, some with short hair, others with long hair and some who have very damaged hair as a result of bonded hair extensions. For this reason she specialises in micro ring hair extensions.

Real human hair

This technique uses the finest real human hair which is professionally sorted so all the cuticles are placed together which means the hair extensions wonít matt. They are available in many colours and are applied very easily.

In natural hair there are always varying shades so sometimes Gillian mixes the various colours to so as to create a natural look. She can also create a highlighted look, using a similar approach, which also looks fabulous.

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